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Paula Kent co-founded Redken Laboratories in 1960. As a young actress in the late 1950s, when hair was highly bleached and teased, Paula was challenged with baby fine hair and sensitive skin. On set in Hollywood, she constantly experienced allergic reactions to the products used by hairdressers and makeup artists. She visited dermatologists and hairdressers to find a solution, but no one could explain to her the science behind the products.

In a moment of inspiration, Paula realized that she could help millions of other people who needed gentle, high-performance products – and that professional hairdressers needed to know the chemistry of hair and skin, product ingredients and their relationship to beautiful, healthy hair.

Using $3,000 she earned from appearing in a beer commercial, Paula Kent and her hairdresser, Jheri Redding (forming the name "REDKEN") started Redken with three products and an intensive education program for hairdressers. The formulas were developed based on three principles:

Protein technology (since hair is composed primarily of protein)
An acidic pH of 4.5-5.5, complementing the natural pH of the hair and skin
 Products recommended exclusively by licensed cosmetologists in professional salons
With this, Paula Kent revolutionized the professional haircare industry for both stylists and clients. Her pioneering spirit is cherished and she leaves behind a legacy that sustains the brand today.


1960s: Beauty through Science attracts a cult following

  • American actress Paula Kent and her hairdresser Jheri Redding start Redken with $3000 and three products
  • Founded on the science of protein and moisture, Amino Pon and PPT gain a cult following
  • Visionary hairstylist Vidal Sassoon partners with Redken and tours the country on their behalf 


  • Redken pioneers education in the industry by focusing on science and business
  • Redken hosts 500 salon professionals in 1974 – the first Redken “Symposium”


  • Shades EQ Equalizing Color Gloss, one of the biggest breakthroughs in haircolor, is introduced in 1983
  • Extreme haircare products combine protein with moisture to strengthen distressed hair
  • Redken launches in 13 countries around the world

1990s: WE add “5th avenue NYC” to OUR name

  • In 1993, Redken is sold to beauty industry leader L’Oreal
  • After a devastating earthquake, Redken moves from California to L’Oreal headquarters on 5th Avenue in NYC
  • Redken establishes itself as a fashion brand at the forefront of trends
  • The Redken Exchange, the industry’s leading resource for learning, opens its doors in 1996

2000s: WE become the runway authority

  • Redken partners with world-renowned hairstylist Guido
  • Redken becomes a leader in backstage beauty, sending a team of artists to fashion week in New York, Milan, Paris and London

2010s: the innovation, fashion & inspiration continue

  • Product innovations such as CHROMATICS, Curvaceous, Diamond Oil, Blonde Idol, and Redken Styling’s Pillow Proof Blow Dry and Flex collections help you showcase your talents and grow your business

2014: NEW WAYS TO connect and communicate

  • New experience-led visuals including must-watch videos, inspiring images and tips engage and connect with clients in the way they want to interact – online and on-the-go
  • A range of muses and influencers share their inspiration and stories with stylists and consumers through social media outlets and our website
  • New services opportunities and merchandising to animate salons and increase business