Find your hair’s most trusted hair styling companions by exploring Redken’s Hair Sprays. Our range of professional hair sprays is designed to cater to individual hair types and concerns. No more worrying about frizzy or unmanageable hair when you have Redken Hair Sprays by your side to help you achieve your hair goals, anytime, any day.

High-performance Hair Sprays for Good Hair Day, Everyday

  1. Anti-Frizz Hair Spray
  2. Our Anti-Frizz Hair Spray is the perfect hair care essential for those who want to keep their hair smooth and frizz-free all day. It is a non-aerosol formula that tames frizz, and dries fast to leave you with a high-shine finish. By including this hairspray product in your vanity, you can enjoy a long-lasting, pliable hold on your hair even on hot and humid days.

  3. Max Hold Hairspray
  4. Redken's Max Hold Hair Spray offers the ultimate hold and long-lasting lift to your intricate hairstyles. It can be your perfect companion if you enjoy flaunting flawless hairstyles all day, without the crunch of a traditional hair spray. It is a super fine, fast-drying mist that features a Triple Mist Diffusion system for effective application and to keep your hairstyle intact and firm.

  5. Brushable Hairspray
  6. The Brushable Hairspray by Redken is the ultimate hairspray that gives medium hold to any hair style. It leaves the hair feeling natural and brushable and gives it a great look with satin-matte sheen. Its unique formula ensures 24-hour humidity resistance and all-day flexible control for natural, undone styles.

How to Use

Using Redken Hair Sprays is a simple and quick process. Just hold the hair spray 6-12 inches away from your hair and spray on dry, styled hair.

Redken offers a range of hair sprays for all hair types, which provide a range of benefits to meet your specific hair needs. Whether you aim to control frizz, desire a maximum hold or want a natural, brushable look and feel, our hair sprays can help you achieve a good hair day, every day.


  1. Can I use Redken hair sprays on any hair type?
  2. Yes, Redken hair sprays are designed to work effectively on all hair types.

  3. How far should I hold the spray can from my hair?
  4. Hold the can approximately 6-12 inches away from your hair for best results while applying.

  5. Which is the best hairspray for hot and humid days?
  6. The Brushable Hairspray by Redken is the perfect hairspray that provides 24-hour humidity resistance and medium hold for any hair look.

  7. Are Redken hair sprays suitable for daily use?
  8. Our hair sprays are formulated to be gentle enough for daily use, providing your hair with the necessary hold and protection.

  9. Do these hair sprays leave any residue on the hair?
  10. Redken hair sprays are designed to leave no residue, ensuring your hair stays clean and fresh.