Redken’s Extreme hair care regime focuses on cleansing, strengthening and restoring damaged hair while protecting it from future breakage. The range is formulated with Strength Complex, Argine and Amino Acids that take salon hair treatments to the next level, especially for people with dry and damaged hair. Explore the products under Redken’s Extreme range suitable for different hair problems.

Professional Solution for Damage Repair

  1. Extreme Shampoo
  2. For anyone with damaged hair, the Extreme Shampoo from Redken might just be the best bet. It is specially formulated to cleanse, strengthen and restore damaged hair and prevent future damage. It is filled with the goodness of Amino Acids and Arginine that strengthen and fortify your hair while the citric acid content smoothens it further.

  3. Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment
  4. Redken’s Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment is a leave-in treatment for extremely damaged hair. It aims to strengthen the hair, protect its shine and fortify the hair to reduce breakage, split ends and mechanical damage from brushing. The Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment acts as a deep conditioner and prevents friction and further damage.

  5. Strength Builder Plus Mask
  6. This is a hair mask that deeply conditions the hair and strengthens it from the inside out. It is a protein-infused mask for increased control and manageability. The Strength Builder Plus Mask is formulated with a 4% strength complex and is optimised for strength repair.

  7. Extreme CAT Treatment
  8. The Extreme CAT Treatment by Redken is the ultimate protein reconstructing hair treatment spray for extremely dry and damaged hair. It is a rinse-out treatment that immediately adds strength to distressed and damaged hair and shields it from breakage. If you are preparing your hair for chemical treatments or services like hair colouring, the Extreme CAT Treatment is the perfect way to prep your hair before that.

How to Use Extreme Hair Products?

To make the most of Redken’s Extreme products, it is essential to use them correctly. Here’s a quick guide on how you can use these products to achieve smooth, silky and healthy hair.

  1. Extreme Shampoo
  2. • Apply to damp hair

    • Massage into a lather

    • Rinse thoroughly (for best results, follow with Extreme Strength Builder Plus Mask)

  3. Strength Builder Plus Mask
  4. • After shampooing, apply to towel-dried hair

    • Leave it on for 3-5 minutes

    • Rinse thoroughly

  5. Extreme CAT Treatment
  6. • Apply after using Extreme Shampoo

    • Spray evenly on hair and lather.

    • Leave for 3-5 minutes

    • Rinse thoroughly (Recommended for use 1-3 times per week)

  7. Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment
  8. • Apply to fragile or damaged areas of hair or all over while damp

    • Do not rinse out and style as usual

Right time to start using extreme products

You can use the Redken Extreme products as and when necessary. To make the most of the Extreme Treatment, it is recommended to have them done by an experienced professional. You can visit your nearest Redken Salon to talk to our professionals and let them give your hair an unmistakable, extreme makeover.