Are split-ends, dry and damaged hair holding you back from looking your best? Redken's Acidic Bonding Concentrate range might be your best bet to treat hair that feels brittle and drained of life. This powerful hair growth concentrate treatment range can be a true game-changer and a perfect solution for anyone looking for ways to achieve smoother and healthier hair. It is a professionally prescribed treatment curated especially to revive dry, damaged and colour-treated hair.

Benefits and uses of Concentrates

The Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate is primarily used to repair and protect damaged hair. The treatment is curated to make the hair stronger and reverse the damage done by heat-styling products and chemical treatments or environmental factors. This is a 3-step process that involves the usage of three products from Redken’s Acidic Bonding Concentrate range.

Step- 1: Restore Protein

The Acidic Protein Amino Concentrate is the first step of the process that aims towards restoring the protein in damaged hair. It can be used to balance the protein levels in the hair and repair the surface damage from the first use itself.

Benefits of Acidic Amino Concentrate

  • • It can be customised for each individual’s specific needs

  • • Targets three essential building blocks for hair

  • • 3X more moisture in a single application (compared to non-conditioning shampoo)

  • • Makes the hair look shinier and smoother instantly

  • • Improves hair elasticity and porosity

Step 2: Replenish Moisture

The Acidic Moisture Concentrate is perfect to replenish the moisture in damaged or over-processed hair. It comes with a pH-balanced formula and 10% glycerin that provides deep moisturisation and nourishment to the hair. This professional-grade product can be used to seal the cuticle, tame frizz and deeply condition the hair.

Benefits of Acidic Moisture Concentrate

  • • Helps replenish moisture and provide nourishment because of the 10% glycerin content

  • • Provides nourishment to treat dry and damaged hair

  • • Provides deep conditioning, prevents frizz and seals the hair cuticles

Step 3: Rebalance pH

As the final step of the process, the Acidic pH Sealer balances the pH of the hair, seals the cuticles to reduce damage and adds an instant shine to the hair. This is Redken Salon’s exclusive concentrated protein treatment for individuals with damaged or over-processed hair.

Benefits of Acidic pH Sealer

  • • Visibly reduces surface damage in a single treatment

  • • Features a pH of 3.0-4.0 which seals the cuticles, locks the treatment benefits and adds an instant shine.

How to Use Hair Concentrates?

  1. Acidic Protein Amino Concentrate
  2. After shampooing, apply up to 15 ml (1 dose = 5 ml) of Acidic Protein Amino Concentrate to towel-dried hair. If needed, mix it with Acidic Moisture Concentrate and apply. Leave it on for 5 minutes. Do not rinse.

  3. Acidic Moisture Concentrate
  4. If you are using the Acidic Moisture Concentrate, as a stand-alone product, apply up to 15 ml of the product to towel-dried hair. If needed, mix with Acidic Protein Amino Concentrate (total mixture should not exceed 15ml) and apply. Leave for 5 minutes and do not rinse.

  5. Acidic pH Sealer
  6. After applying the appropriate dosage of Acidic Protein Amino Concentrate and/or Acidic Moisture Concentrate and leaving the product in for 5 minutes, apply 10-15 pumps of Acidic bonding concentrate pH Sealer throughout the hair. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Concentrates FAQs

  1. What is the use of Concentrates?
  2. Redken Hair Concentrates are highly potent formulas designed to address specific hair concerns like dryness, damage, over-processed hair and more. They provide a targeted boost of key ingredients for amplified results.

  3. Can we use Concentrates on colour-treated hair?
  4. Yes, Redken’s range of Acidic Hair Concentrates is safe to be used if your clients have colour-treated hair. They are curated to target the hair’s specific concerns without fading the colour.

  5. When can we treat our hair with Concentrates?
  6. Redken hair concentrate range is a professionally prescribed range of hair care treatments. One can avail of them as and when needed from their nearest Redken Salon.

  7. Are Concentrates safe to use on hair with dry and itchy scalp?
  8. You can consult your hair care professional or Redken expert in your nearest Redken salon to determine whether Redken hair concentrates can be used on dry or itchy scalp. They can guide you depending on the nature and severity of your scalp issues.